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On funny ice creams and sorbets

Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 10:49 am

Right now, while wearing a lovely faux-hawk, we're rocking with two lovely frozen deserts. A vanilla, rissotto ice cream and a delightfully irreverent chipotle white peach sorbet.

Good times.

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Mong Chong aka Yellow Snapper

Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 10:44 am

The fish we have right now is, how to say, gettin' on in age. It's not bad but it's starting on that steady fishy decline that can only end in unpleasant things. So this neccesitates the use of strongly flavoured rubs and sauces to mask the fishy flavour while enhancing what the fish still has going for it.

It is a fun challenge because you can't mask the entire fish, you have to strike a balance. A balance that definately achieved in the last few days.

Yesterday while looking like a greaser I made a Five spice chinese tea rubbed mong chong served with yuca pancakes and baby brasing greens that were braised and served in a lemon, garlic and spicy red pepper paste broth. It was quite delicious, we sold it for 26.95$

Today that same fish was simply transformed as House made whole grain mustard and golden raisen crusted Yellow Snapper served with fried new potatoes, sauteed spinach and a vanilla honey cream sauce. Once again I got a delicious price of 26.95$

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On food

Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 10:40 am

Recently I realized a few things. Mostly they are either too personal or too unimportant to list here but two stand out.

The first is that I really need to write more often. The crack that is WoW proves to be a pleasant escape from being the leader of the redheaded stepchild shift at work thus leaving me unwilling to do many opf the other things I really ought to be doing. Including, amoung them, writing and art.

The second is that I make some really nice, creative and, at times, innovative specials at work and that I really need to keep track of them so that should I ever need them again(say as a chef in a place where I am not part of the red headed stepchild shift) I can find them.

Putting the two together was the difficult part but the result is that I will be trying to put the good, well planned and executed specials here. Partially for more content and good times and partially to practice descriptions and general writing foo.

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My poor baby...

Mar. 13th, 2007 | 11:21 pm

... I'm weird. I know this. It's ok. Just to get that out of the way.

I never wanted kids. Never. Never played at bride, never played at mommy. The dolls I had, well they were more likely to be used as cannon fodder or things needing to be rescued then any sort of baby concept.

So I get cats instead. I like cats, I love my own. And we just finally got around to getting my little Valente fixed this week. She's so tiny, officially 7.5 lbs, and just so... petite and frail looking that it just about broke my heart to see her so scared in the vets office. She's only recently gotten heavy enough to do the surgery - most places won't spay cats under 5 lbs and she just broke that about a year ago(she's 4 now).

Long and rambly thoughts on my poor baby getting spayed and the vet trying to kill her with medication.Collapse )

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And yet another thing I'd like to keep somewhere...

Feb. 12th, 2007 | 02:36 pm

In response to a slightly more public "Neopaganism as a religion discussion"

In order to discus whether or not neopaganism is becoming a religion in it's own right you first have to define what is required for anything to be a religon. One way to do this is to list some of the things other religions have in common:

Participants believe in the same god - most neopagans do not believe in the same god(s) some don't believe in any, some are hard polkytheists, somer are soft polytheists, and some just change depending on what they feel like today. Even within established religions people may have different understandings of the same god(to one God is vengeful to another he is all loving etc) but most neopagans do not even work within the same pantheon. This one worships Kali, that one worships Morrigan, that one worships Q from Star Trek, that one worships Pele. And many of them worship those gods outside the accepted lore for each of their gods. Christianity may have differing interpretations of their holy book to define or understand god; but neopagans aren't even all in the same section of the library.

Participants follow the same or a very similar code of ethics - This one can only fit neopaganism if one assumes that "an it harm none" is a viable, actual code of ethics, but it is not. 'An it harms none'(or any of it's various permutations)doesn't talk about how you should treat your kin and family. It doesn't give guidance on what to do when you see a 50$ bill lying in the street. It's doesn't even say what to do when you HAVE to cause harm. And with how fast and loose most neopagan authors(and thus most random 'neopagan' folks) tend to play within that rede... well is it a viable code of ethics? And what about the neoipagans who have decided to work off something else? The nine virtues? Thy will is Law? As above so below?

Generally rites and rituals have some things in common specifically within specific branches of a religion - Nearly every neopagan does something different. Most call on different gods from one another. Maybe a significant portion of them, oh, ground, center and cast a circle. But they're all doing it differently, they're all calling on different things. You can't go to a random neopagan religious ceremony and expect it to be at all similar to the random neopagan thing you went to in another town.

Most religions have shared holy days specific to their religion - sure many neopagans celebrate the wheel. But some don't. Some celebrate the Christian holidays only changing them to be 'pagan' as a way to reclaim them. Some celebrate different holy days entirely. And even of those that do celebrate the same holy days - they're not all celebrating the same things about them, the same gods, or in remotely similar ways.

Most religions, if not all, have centrally held belifs. They have a dogma. A holy book. SOMETHING that all participants within that religion recognize as important, valuable, informative, or integral to the religion. What is that for Neopaganism? A Silver Ravenmoon book? One of Cunningham's pieces of ####? Anything by Llewlyn?

Most religions have some form of Mystery. Within Catholicism it can be attaining the preisthood, it can be first communion, Confirmation. Within Judeaism it can be a Bar or Bat Mizva. Every other religion has mysteries that all participants must go through and must gain a similar understanding of. They are things you canot explain, handed down face to face from teacher to students. All religions, in some way or another, initiate their members into their religion. How does neopaganism do this? A self initiation proccess? Please. These mysteries that allow someone into these specific religions must be taughtface to face, from person to person. There are no "Do it yourself" kits for Bar Mizvas or First Communions. There are no self help books on how to baptise yourself into a Lutheran church. And, especial geting higher into the religion, there are no collar yourself books on tape on how to become a Catholic Preist by saying some words and lighting a candle.

So Neopaganism misses the mark on all of these factors. So what is 'neopagan'? Well it's a stereotype; a generic umbrella term word that gathers and groups together a large number of people with common but not the same beliefs. Monotheism, in of itself, is not a religion. It's a term that describes a collection of smaller but similar religions. Why should the term neopaganism be any different? Yes the things under the umbrella term 'neopagan' will all share some similarities, from a certain angle these similarities might even maybe look like a religion... but they are not. I can use the term 'desert monotheism' and people will know and understand what I mean by that and may even have an understanding of what desert monotheists might believe in - but desert monotheism is not a religion, it is, again, an umbrella term for other religions that are similar but not all the same.

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Just because I liked this response, I'm saving it here

Feb. 12th, 2007 | 02:33 pm

In response to a Neopaganism as a religion conversation I said:

Paganism has always been an umbrella term.

It's earliest roots were a derogitory umbrella term for religions that were, pretty much, anything local and not Christian.

As for it being debateable... What makes something a religion? Why can one not honestly compare, say, Christianity to Neopaganism? The first question has many answerts but they revolve around shared dogma, beliefs, gods, rites and rituals, etc. The answer to the second question feeds off the answer to the first. Christianity, in all it's forms, shares common sources(in the form of holy books),common signs and symbols, common mysteries(communion, baptism, funeral rites) common deities(even though different subcategories of Christianity may view their god different he is still the same god from the same lineage), similar rites and rituals(I can go to a Lutheran ceremony and see echos of a Catholic one), and shares similar ethics(or at least ethics coming from the same sources though they may have been interpretted in different ways).

Neopaganism shares not one of these things. Neowicca? Maybe, it's a shitty religion but it's probably a religion by this point. But neopaganism(from it's roots New paganism --> and thus fronm it's original umbrella term) shares almost nothing amoungst even a significant portion of it's followers.

Why do I think people want it to be debateable then? Because people, almost everyone, want to have a sense of belonging. Pagans, though they want to blaize their own trails and lead their own way and march to their own drummer, ALSO want the authority that comes from larger groups and organizations, the recognition that can come from moving up within those ranks, and the safety net of both being able to say "You can't define me!" as well as pointing to others who believe the same things even if they are errorneous.

It is of little surprise to me that the folks I see writing of Neopaganism as a religion are mainly folks who have not moved up within the ranks of any of the multitude of organized pagan religion. The cynic in me says they seek power and admiration, they seek to be at the top of the anthill without working through the other positions. The humanist in me says that they do it for a sense of belonging and having some sort of backup.

One of the fundamental flaws of the Neopaganism as a religion movement is the ingnoring of previously established neopagan religions. Catholicism is a subcategory of the overall religion of Christianity. But BTW is not a subcategory of this mythical Neopagan religion. Norse Recons are not a subcategory of this mythical overreaching religion either. So are those who are then previous members of previously established religions... not neopagans anymore? All so that people who have made their decision not to fit within other organized religions(and there are a slew of them out there) or even to create their own can get some kind of cred by being a part of a 'recognized religion'?

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Proper chewtoys.

Jan. 25th, 2007 | 12:55 pm

It's been a while since the MacFeegle had a nice chewy chewtoy in an environment where I have little to no authority or sway. It's fun dodging the rules. It's also fun playing a bit of cat and mouse with them.

Everyone assumes, however, that you're upset and angry(filled with viterol and the like) when, really, the only appropriate response is laughter. There's just something about a nice chewy chewtoy that wakes me up, gets me active and takes away frustrations. It's probably a bad thing(to someone anyway) but it's a good time. Sharpens the wordplay and the rapier wit(heh).

Good times.

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Jan. 23rd, 2007 | 02:51 am

Why is it that oh so any pagans do oh so much shitty artwork?

I'm not talking about styles and tastes(we all have our own preferences in what is and is not art) I'm talking genuinely crappy, effortless stuff. Like, oh, taking a horrible picture(out of focus, camera strap in the way, cropping inappropriately - and none of these on purpose) and then, oh say, inverting the colours and maybe adding a lensflare in photoshop- Voila! Shitty Pagan Art! No we must put it up on Deviant art and charge 30% for a print.


Life is busy and frustrating. It always seems to be like that. There's family drama, work drama, personal drama, health drama. Have I mentioned I hate drama? It's very frustrating. It may seems stupid given my age but I feel old - I feel stuck in a rut, old and tired, like I never really had a youth. And while portions of that may be true the other end is that I know the only way to make any of these changes is to just go out there and make the damn changes already.

It all sums up so nicely in 'bleh' though.

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Was there ever any doubt that I would be a kickass pirate?

Jan. 15th, 2007 | 01:59 pm

Of course not.

Read more...Collapse )

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Maybe it's petty but...

Jan. 11th, 2007 | 12:13 pm

... it would be really nice for people who are advertising their local events and whatnot to actually SAY where it is taking place. Sorry if I've got to do some serious digging for the information(which I do because I am nosy) there's a problem from an advertising perspective.

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