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Apr. 1st, 2007 | 10:44 am

It's funny. The first thing many 'I don't need other people telling me what to do!!!' pagans pull out of their asses once they get their own blend of crap going is that they and their religion simply MUST have ranks. And when you ask them why? Well it's always the same things "They allow us to grow in our religion".

No. They give you a rank and percieved respect. Let's be honest here. An arbitrary rank system, using, myseriously enough, the same system as lineaged long term religion, allows on to claim rank. Allows one, in certain circumstances, to try and waltz in and gain artificial respect.

It's really odd to me that so many who claim that their religion is big on personal responsibility never take that to the next level. See if personal responsiblity is important then respect has to be earnedfrom other people by showing one's personal responsibility. But there's always this rush to find a shortcut to respect. And, interestingly enough there's just always this rush for respect.

I am beginning to think that most people become pagans because they percieve it to be a shortcut to respect. They percieve it to be a easy way to gain rank and acclaim. Because for all the bitching and moaning preists and preistesses you styill can get rank and acclaim. Far more then you can get being a cog in a wheel in a big church. AND you don't have to follow any rules or make any sense or effort at your religions because, hey, Paganism is whatever I want it to be. Plus you still get to celebrate all your old holidays and light some litle candles at meaningless new ones.

Right on.

Maybe I should have signed up for that.

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from: th0rshammer
date: Apr. 3rd, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)

Right on, indeed, and well put.

LaVey pointed out in one of his latter books: Have you ever noticed that it's always "High" Priestess/iest and seldom just "Priestess" ?

I've known tons of Neo-Pagans and yes, there are always those who have all the exterior trappings, but don't make it work for them. The ego trip is always there despite the lack of living skills, and despite the fact that their Macgick isn't leading to any drive in mental or emotional growth. To the contrary, I see a majority of basket cases who hide behind the "magick", carrying the facade in order to gain an unearned control of others.

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